Home Bound Instruction

The Home Bound Instruction (HBI) program was established to provide time limited, in-home tutors for academic support to those students who have been diagnosed by their physician(s) as unable to attend school. In other unique and school approved circumstances, the school administration may utilize these HBI supports to provide academic provisions and guidance to students unable to attend the traditional school environment.  Under the guidance of the students’ assigned teachers, the assigned home tutor provides instruction in courses in which the students are enrolled in their home school. The home tutor must possess a current Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) certification. The Erie’s Public School district and the Charter School of Excellence district reserves the right to request that students being home tutored be examined by the school physician to remain on home bound instruction.

The student (or parent/guardian) may request academic support through the Home Bound Instruction (HBI) Program from the appropriate school district official, usually a principal or counselor. A “Home Bound Instruction Recommendation Form” must be completed with the student’s classes, teacher’s names, and classroom numbers. If it is a medical concern which requires HBI supports, this form is then presented to the student’s physician or psychiatrist who indicates the reason for the need for tutoring. In other circumstances the school district administration can initiate a referral to the HT program.

Regular education students receive a total of three (3) hours per week of home bound instruction support from a home tutor, and special education students receive a total of five (5) hours per week. The home tutor will follow the school district recommendations for hours of academic support and the appropriate curriculum.  The home tutor will schedule sessions to instruct the student and to assign and collect schoolwork in all subjects. There must always be an adult, preferably a parent/guardian in the home while the instruction is taking place.  It is the understanding that the student complete work in addition to the scheduled home tutor hours to maintain their academic progress.

Home Tutor





A Bachelor’s degree, PA Teaching Certification required, and Special Education Certification is preferred.  Must be able to obtain Act 33, Act 34, and FBI clearances in accordance with regulatory requirements.  Must have and maintain a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license. Must be able to make sound decisions in order to meet the needs of students in emergency and ongoing situations.

Home Tutoring is to provide tutoring instruction for students enrolled in the Erie School District, who are home-bound for any reason. The Home Tutor acts as the principal contact for students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Must participate fully in the design and development of curricular and related activities.  This also includes documentation of lesson plans.

Perseus House follows the Sanctuary® Model of S.E.L.F. (Safety, Emotions, Loss, and Future) and abides by the principles of ART® when interacting with clients and coworkers along with ethical standards established for employees.

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