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Perseus House, Inc. knows the path to social and emotional well-being for traumatized or at-risk adolescents with a barrier to success. We walk it hand-in-hand with more than 3,000 school-aged youth every year!

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, teacher, coach, social service provider, juvenile justice professional… or ANYONE who cares deeply about what’s next for a child in your care, we have solutions for your unique concerns.

Our more than 50 years of experience have proven that traumatized and at-risk youth with behavioral or mental health needs move forward when the stigma of “What’s wrong with you?” is re-focused to “What happened to you?”. This approach validates their emotions, opens opportunities to learn new social and emotional skills, and practice these ideals upon leaving our care. The philosophical approach with Trauma Informed Care supports the youth to address root cause issues and reach their potential.

  • Traumatized and youth with Mental Health illness who need clinical and psychiatric support can receive these services while in a setting that is focused on providing quality care. Our services provide evidence-based and best-practice care, ensuring that families and referral sources feel a sense of confidence and participation in our treatment applications.


Perseus House, Inc. provides Residential congregate care for adolescents who are in need of prescriptive treatment and oversight. We provide a variety of residential settings, including:


  • Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) – RTF services provide a high level of Mental Health intervention along with a focus on pro-social re-integration with the family.
  • Enhanced Residential Treatment Facility (ERTF) – ERTF offers a more acute level of Psychiatric and clinical care.
  • Intensive Treatment Unit (ITU) – ITU provides services for clients who are adjudicated or dependent with a need for behavioral supports.
  • Shelter – Shelter provides short term supervision for clients who are awaiting a court date or transfer to another facility, receiving referrals from Probation and Office of Children and Youth.
  • Transitional Living Program (TLP) – Apartment based residential care to support adolescents who need a discharge resource. Clients are taught the skills needed to live independently.


Perseus House, Inc. works proactively with Erie area school and community partners. We provide local youth with:

  • Delinquency Prevention – Engaging youth and families referred to us by schools to catch and address problems that might lead to chronic aggression.
  • Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth – Assisting regular and special education students who struggle with traditional learning environments to stay on course academically and strengthen themselves emotionally. School districts refer students to our care, which follows PDE guidelines.
  • Home Tutoring – Instruction is provided to students who are unable to attend their regular school due to various reasons. School districts refer students to our care, which follows PDE guidelines.
  • Residential Alternatives – Keeping eligible court-ordered youth in their own homes and schools. This alternative to residential placement includes active juvenile probation monitoring, case management, academic support, and social and emotional skills building.


Our treatment programs work to strengthen personal ethics, responsibility, and maturity. Growing healthy relationships, fulfilling legal obligations, and preparing for employment are also emphasized.

Regardless of what pathway brings the adolescent to our care, we follow evidence-based practices that include:

  • Aggression Replacement Training (ART) – focused on anger management, social skills building, and moral reasoning.
  • Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) – a six-stage relationship-building strategy to turn times of crisis into learning opportunities and long-term behavioral change.
  • Sanctuary Model® – ALL our activity is guided by the seven key commitments:
    • Non-Violence
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Social Learning
    • Open Communication
    • Democracy
    • Social Responsibility
    • Growth and Change


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Evidence-Based Practice

What is Evidence-Based Practice? “Evidence-based medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.”