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For our Residential Programs, individuals who are eligible for program services meet the following criteria:

  • Dependent and delinquent males/females (court ordered) and/or voluntary mental health placements.
  • Between the ages of 12-18.
  • Serious symptoms related to an acute condition or exacerbation of a serious and persistent disorder.
  • Impairments in several areas of daily life including social, educational, family, and psychological functioning.
  • Limited ability to form and maintain relationships or to seek support.
  • Capable of eventual adjustment to outpatient treatment.
  • Unsupportive or deteriorated social system which creates difficulty in coping and requires routine monitoring and support.
  • DSM IV diagnosis indicates the presence of a mental disorder requiring 24-hour residential treatment.
  • May have substance use/abuse/dependency issues.
  • Mental health services are prescribed or recommended as medically necessary by a licensed physician.

Individuals we typically do not accept for treatment are:

  • Intellectually Disabled (generally defined as recent Intelligence Quotient testing below 70 within the past year).
  • Individuals in need of detoxification (admission considered upon medical clearance).
  • Historically and seriously violent.
  • Actively psychotic and in need of acute hospitalization (admission considered upon stabilization).

Contact our Admissions Department:

Western Pennsylvania
Lynnet Scully -
Phone: 814-480-5938
Fax: 814-454-8670

Eastern Pennsylvania
Lori Steele -
Phone: 717-676-5646
Fax: 570-672-2456

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Map of PA