Sanctuary® Model

Sanctuary® Model

The Sanctuary® Model was developed by Dr. Sandra Bloom in 1985. The ultimate goal is to provide a therapeutic environment that assists children who have been abused and maltreated in the process of recovery through healing.

Perseus House, Inc. was certified in October of 2010 and is one of 29 Pennsylvania child-serving non-profits that have been trained in the framework and are now part of the Sanctuary network. The Sanctuary® Model complements our programming culture and treatment philosophy through the Seven Commitments: Non-Violence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Learning, Open Communication, Democracy, Social Responsibility, and Growth and Change.

The seven Sanctuary® Model commitments

  1. Commitment to Nonviolence: To understand what violence does to us and those around us.
  2. Commitment to Emotional Intelligence: To understand our feelings and others’ so we don’t hurt each other.
  3. Commitment to Social Learning: To show respect in a teaching and learning environment.
  4. Commitment to Democracy: To share in the decision-making.
  5. Commitment to Open Communication: To speak openly with respect and handle what others say to us.
  6. Commitment to Social Responsibility: To develop a community where everyone has a part in making our community just and fair.
  7. Commitment to Growth and Change: To collaborate with those in our community towards a positive future.

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