Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI)

Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI)

Perseus House is a Life Space Crisis Intervention, LSCI, is an advanced, successful therapeutic strategy for educators, childcare professionals, counselors, administrators, and anyone who works with troubled and troubling children and adolescents. Initially developed by Dr. Fritz Redl, LSCI uses a student crisis as an opportunity for staff to teach and for students to learn. Perseus House has earned the designation as a training site for its work in utilizing the LSCI program.

LSCI is founded on 27 concepts and skills. It also creates a caring relationship with the student and the belief that a student in crisis, no matter how angry, depressed, fearful, or anxious, wants to tell his story, to be understood, and to be respected. Once this occurs, the opportunity for personal insights, new skills, and responsibility can follow.

Student crises do not happen by appointment. The needs of students frequently outstrip the resources and skills of the staff.  During a crisis, staff often are quick to speak and slow to listen.  LSCI gives the staff additional skills that allow them to focus on the student’s needs.

Circle of Courage

  • Belonging – “Be related, somehow, to everyone you know” Ella Deloria
  • Mastery – Each Person strives for Personal Growth, but not to be superior to another
  • Independence – Building respect and inner discipline…making choices without coercion
  • Generosity – “When you come across something good, the first thing to do is to share it with anyone you can find” Forest Carter

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