Our Mission

Our Mission in treatment/transition is to serve youth and families through evidence-based programming designed to promote pro-social behavior and healthy lifestyles. Perseus House is a nationally recognized training site for Life Space Crisis Intervention and Aggression Replacement Training® and utilizes these practices in our day-to-day interactions with youth, their families, and each other.

Our Mission is supported by our established Values, as we help adolescents identify and address treatment areas through interventions, which include evaluation and assessment, individual, family, and group therapy, behavior management, education, and social skills development. Attitudes toward and behaviors supportive of physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual spheres of productive health are incorporated into daily and long-term planning.

Perseus House is implementing the Sanctuary® Model which complements our programming culture and treatment philosophy through the Seven Commitments: Non-Violence, Emotional Intelligence, Social Learning, Open Communication, Democracy, Social Responsibility, and Growth and Change. We believe that a period of external discipline and assistance, albeit temporary, is at times necessary in a safe environment to interrupt maladaptive patterns of thoughts and behaviors to provide the foundation for a new beginning.

Perseus House utilizes the treatment planning process as a “working document” that guides and ensures continuity of care and case management of residents in placement and during aftercare supervision. We help youth towards leaving the system more capable of leading law-abiding, productive, and connected lives, having taken action to repair the harm to their victims, if applicable. Our management process promotes the safety and well-being of our staff and residents through restorative practices.