Work Experience

Work Experience

Perseus House’s Work Experience Program provides residents with an introduction to the world of work. We provide professional mentoring to ensure a standard of work excellence and also, for eligible residents, to afford a legitimate source of income to assist payment of restitution and costs/fines and the establishment of a personal savings account.  Residents who owe community service hours are assisted by our staff to fulfill them.  Opportunities to give back to the community include working with autistic children and adults, gardening and landscaping, and intergenerational activities.

On January 14th our Work Experience Supervisor, Mr. Henry, and Andromeda House Residential client, Renny, presented to Joe Roots Grill Owner, Elmer Keisel with a set of Cornhole games, which he won at our annual golf tournament. Mr. Keisel asked if we could personalize the cornhole game with his logo and our talented Renny did all the work and helped with the assembly of the game. Renny wrote this about her experience being in the WEP.

“To whom it may concern:

Hi, as you already know my name is Renny. To start off things I just wanted to say my thanks to the Perseus House, Inc. staffing. The reason behind the thanks is because they gave me all the supply’s that I needed for the cornholes. I had a good time making the games for Joe Root’s Restaurant. It made me realize a few things:

  1. I can achieve my goals
  2. I have talent
  3. I can become something with myself

But the main thanks I should really give is to my boss, Mr. Henry. He has really helped me through my problems. He basically guided me to the success of learning how to do things on my own. I never knew things in my life could go the way they should be going. And I just want to say thanks for making my dreams come true. And Mr. Henry…I truly believe that my dad is looking down from heaven, thinking and knowing how proud he is of me, and thanking you for making me worth something so thank you all of you for everything, I could never ask for more. ” Renny

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