Boys Enhanced Residential Treatment Facility

In the fall of 2001, the Erie County Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation through the Resource Collaborative identified over 24 Erie County adolescent males who during the previous 12 months did not have their needs met in traditional RTF settings. All of the adolescents were seriously emotionally disturbed and presented with difficult behaviors.

rft1All of these adolescents were placed in numerous out of home settings without successful outcomes and are the type of adolescents that this program is intended to serve.

As a community, it was determined that providing more of the same services will not meet the needs of these youth; a new and innovative approach is required. An approach that has the capability to treat youth in need of enhanced RTF services. Perseus House stepped up to provide this need. The intensity of our mental health treatment far exceeds what current RTF’s are able to provide. In both approach and degree, an intensive staffing pattern immerses each young man in a new world experience toward the development of a new self/world view. This will be accomplished through an integrated program with a focus on treatment for seriously emotionally disturbed adolescent males.