Perseus House, Inc. has seven different residential treatment facilities in addition to our coed Shelter program.  We provide a safe, therapeutic environment for healing and recovery to begin.

We have three male facilities, the Residential Treatment Facility, the Enhanced Residential Treatment Facility and the Intensive Treatment Program.

Our female facilities consist of two Residential Treatment Facilities, Brighter Horizons RTF and Andromeda House RTF, and the Andromeda House Intensive Treatment Unit.  We also have a Maternity and Mother/Baby Program, Florence Crittenton.

Some of our residents are court ordered through a Pennsylvania County’s Juvenile Probation or Children’s Services Office, while some RTF residents are voluntarily placed through the county’s mental health office. The average length of stay depends on the type of program and the individual treatment goals of each resident.

Contact our Admissions Department for referrals!

Western Pennsylvania
Lynnet Scully
Phone: 814-480-5938
Fax: 814-454-8670

Eastern Pennsylvania
Lori Steele
Phone: 717-676-5646
Fax: 570-672-2456