Parent Information

All of our programs here at Perseus House believe in family involvement throughout the time our client’s are with us. Ways that we involve parents are:

Parent Group

Perseus House’s Clinical Director and Director of Staff Development facilitate this supportive and educational opportunity. Parents of the residents are encouraged to attend weekly 2 hour sessions. The residents join the group for the second hour. The parent training consists of three components: (a) Parent Support – group intervention designed to provide an opportunity for parents to share experiences and problems and develop parenting strategies from open discussion and feedback, (b) Parent to Parent Drug and Alcohol Awareness group intervention designed to train participants in the skills, attitudes and abilities they may need to get their children through the adolescent years without significant drug and alcohol use, and (c) Skillstreaming with the Parent and Resident – specific skill curriculum of pro-social behaviors systematically taught and implemented with the group that utilizes modeling, role playing, performance feedback, and transfer training. The Parent Group remains open to parents and residents beyond resident graduation.

The Treatment Team

The Treatment Team includes the client, a parent or guardian, mental health therapist, an agency representative and appropriate support personnel, develops the Individualized Treatment Plan. Goals and objectives are identified to address treatment issues. Interventions are developed that describe what will be done, how it will be accomplished, who is responsible and a time frame for anticipated completion. Individualized Treatment Plans follow the Sanctuary® Model principles of S.E.L.F. which focuses on Safety, Emotional Management, Loss and Future. Also included in the treatment planning process are: a Strengths Assessment of the resident and family, a Crisis Plan, and a Discharge Plan. Understanding and approval of the Treatment Plan by all parties is sought, along with agreement to carry out the responsibilities of the plan.

Parental and family involvement is strongly encouraged in the treatment planning and implementation phases. The Mental Heath Therapist contacts the family at least weekly to provide an update on the resident’s progress with regard to treatment. At these times, the family is notified of any significant changes to the Treatment Plan, including any recommended change in medications prior to implementation. Feedback from the parent/family regarding their evaluation of service delivery is welcomed and viewed as an opportunity for continuous quality improvement in care.

To help bridge the distance between residents, families and referring agencies, Perseus House programs have web conferencing capabilities for court hearings and treatment team meetings. We also use free Skype™ technology to encourage face-to-face family therapy sessions and regular video calls between residents, family and staff during treatment when travel is not possible. Perseus House staff assists families with the free installation of Skype™ and, if necessary will provide web cameras for use with the family’s computer.