Erie County Prison Program

Education is offered to all inmates of the Erie County Prison in the following three categories:

  • Students of mandated school age (under 17 years of age)
  • Students 17-21 years of age who request an educational program
  • All students up to the age of 22 who are eligible for Special Education services.

If in-class instruction is approved by the Erie County Prison Deputy Warden, this program is facilitated from approximately 8:30am until 10:40am and from 12:30pm until 2:40pm. Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (AM only), Thursday, and Friday.

If the Deputy Warden does not approve classroom attendance, inmates are titled “In house” students and receive instruction within their respective pod residences. This same form of instruction is provided to enrolled inmates who are in the high-risk security lockdown pods. In-house and high risk security lockdown students are provided instruction on Wednesday afternoons.

The prison guidance counselor will review and summarize the inmate’s transcript. If it is found that the inmate is potentially eligible for graduation, the guidance counselor will refer the information to the Erie School District Special Education supervisor for confirmation of high school diploma eligibility, and the ESD will then issue the diploma to the inmate. If it is found that a general education inmate is eligible for a diploma, a request will be made to the Executive Director of high Schools for the issuance of a diploma.