Perseus House Residential Education Programs

The Perseus House Residential Educational Programming is designed to meet the needs of both the regular and special education students in grades 6-12. The Perseus House Residential Educational Programming provides for the behavioral, emotional and educational needs of students that are being served in the Perseus House residential system. The Perseus House Residential educational program serves the following residential facilities:


The focus of the education at the educational programs is on providing the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in an educational setting. All students (6-12) are provided the core content academic areas, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies as well as electives such as Health and Wellness. The students are educated by different Pennsylvania certified teachers. These teachers are special education certified as well as Pennsylvania certified in different content areas. The teachers rotate into the various residential unit classrooms to provide instruction in each of their certified content areas.

All of the Perseus House residential students are given the Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT) tests to establish a baseline of academic performance and then post test for progress data. The teachers use the data from the CDT results to drive instruction for the students. Through the use of small group academic instruction, one-to-one instruction, technology enhancement and text book recourses, each student’s individualized academic and behavioral needs will be addressed.

In addition to traditional brick and mortar education, students are exposed to the following academic tools/assessments:

  • Read 180
  • CDT (Classroom Diagnostic Tools)
  • APEX online curriculum
  • 4Sight Testing
  • PSSA/Keystone Testing
  • Choices (Career and Post-Secondary transition options)
  • ASVAB Career Interest Inventory
  • IXL (Additional support/education with Math and Language Arts skills)

Students can receive a variety of services dependent upon Perseus House program and/or location. All outcomes with students and families strive to promote pro-social behaviors and life styles. We have a contractual agreement with a “Prevention Education Specialist” from the Erie County Crime Victim Center (CVC) that provides monthly educational school wide programs for the students.

School Sites

The Andromeda House RTF and Andromeda House ITU students are educated at: Perseus House Collaborative Learning Center in Spartansburg (CLCS). The Union City Area School District is considered the Local Educational Agency (LEA) for the Andromeda House classrooms. The Union City Area School District contracts with Perseus House Inc. to employ the teachers and support staff.

Erie’s Public Schools are considered to be the Local Educational Agency (LEA) for the following Perseus House classrooms/programs:
Boys Residential Treatment Facility (BRTF)
Boys Enhanced Residential Treatment Facility (BERTF)
Boy’s Intensive Treatment Program (BITP)
Girls Enhanced Residential Treatment Facility (GERTF)
Florence Crittenton (Flo Crit)

Erie’s Public School District contracts with Perseus House Inc. to employ the teachers and support staff for the educational setting.

Brighter Horizon’s Educational Programming is overseen by the Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit #5. The BH classroom is located in the CLC building.

At the Perseus House Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) the students are from the following sites:

Both school sites operate on a 180-day student calendar. The students attend school from 8:30AM – 2:30PM. There is also the possibility that the student would attend a summer academic program to supplement their knowledge and skill levels. The “Summer Stretch” program is typically a 6-8-week session.


Each Perseus House residential classrooms are staffed minimally with a certified teacher and a behavior specialist. The teacher assumes the role of not only educator but case manager. The teacher is responsible for tracking attendance, grades and any other behavioral, emotional and/or academic trends. There are additional staff members that are split between the sites which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Building Principal
  • Mental Health Therapist
  • Intervention Coordinator

All staff members are encouraged to be trained in Life Space Crisis Intervention® (LSCI), Aggression Replacement Training® (ART) and the Sanctuary® model within the first year of their employment with Perseus House. These interventions and strategies are to be utilized by the staff to improve the number of successful interventions that are provided to the students.

Bridget Mooney

Mark Amendola
Executive Director