Collaborative Intensive Community Treatment Program (CICTP)

Alternative to Residential Treatment

The Collaborative Intensive Community Treatment Program (CICTP) is a broad-based, collaborative community response to address the escalating costs of adolescent residential placement. Youth at risk of being placed in an alternative living arrangement are referred to the program through the Erie County Juvenile Probation Department or the Erie County Office of Children and Youth. The program is designed to provide a continuum of services to clients seven days per week. During the weekend component clients participate in groups similar to the Perseus House residential programs, such as the ART curriculum including Anger Control, Skillstreaming and Moral Reasoning. Clients also participate in groups such as Empathy, Thinking Errors, Progressive Relaxation, Victim Awareness, and the Sanctuary based Psyco-Education group. Clients attend the program on Fridays from 4-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 9am-3pm for an average of 16 weeks. During the week clients maintain contact with program staff daily through home visits, school visits, and nightly curfew checks. CICTP offers an alternative to residential placement; the clients remain in their own home and attend the school in their district, yet still receive necessary treatment. The average daily cost of CICTP is 1/3 that of most residential placements.



Potential Clients for the CICTP program need to be between the ages of 12-18. Both male and female clients are able to participate in the program. Clients must be referred by their Case Worker or Probation Officer and plan on receiving ongoing services. For admission, a referral packet will be sent to the Program Director. This referral packet needs to contain relative information needed to service the client, as well as a CICTP referral sheet signed by the supervisor of the referring agency. If the client is deemed appropriate, an intake meeting with the client and guardian will be scheduled by the assigned case manager to complete the necessary paperwork and the program structure will be explained. If there are any questions regarding a potential referral, please feel free to contact the Program Director.