Girls Florence Crittenton Division

Girls Florence Crittenton Division

Mother-Baby Program

Our 24-hour residential care and treatment program offers young mothers the opportunity to learn how to care for their children in a responsible manner, while in an environment that promotes the welfare and development of both mother and child. Aftercare services are available to previous residents for at least a year after discharge. (Outreach services are also offered to single mothers who were not previously in the Mother-Baby residential program.)

Maternity Program

Our 24-hour residential care for single pregnant females offering case management, health care, and education; personal living skills training; social development, and adjustment. Services are also available to each girl’s family and to the expectant father.

Maternity Care

Includes maternal and child (unborn) health education; monitoring of healthcare and follow-through of prenatal and general health care needs. Services are also available to the expectant father. The nursing staff of Florence Crittenton coordinates prenatal and health care with Saint Vincent Family Practice. In addition, the facility nurses provide bi-weekly groups that focus on prenatal care. Moreover, residents also participate in a program in conjunction with the Erie City School District at Saint Vincent Health Center.  This consists of one class in the resident’s first trimester regarding parenting and prenatal care and a series of four classes for the second and third trimesters on labor and delivery preparation.

Postpartum Care

Includes maternal and child health care and education; well-baby services supporting the development of the baby health plan; teaching comprehensive Family Life education; case management around single parent problems; monitoring of general health and pediatric care, and parenting. Services are also available to the fathers of the babies.

In the final month of her pregnancy, the resident is moved to a room at the facility designated for a mother and baby. Upon delivery, the baby lives with his/her mother at Florence Crittenton up through discharge. Services are provided to residents and their babies until approximately 12 to 16 weeks postpartum.

Florence Crittenton Auxiliary

Florence Crittenton Auxiliary members act as compassionate mentors for pregnant and mothering teens who have been court-ordered to Florence Crittenton Services. They also provide vital funding for special projects.

Once a month, Auxiliary members meet with the girls in “Circle” sessions. In-home activities include playing bingo, baking cookies, or making a variety of crafts. They also get to experience movies, trips to the mall, or walks at Presque Isle State Park. These interactions help the girls develop self-esteem and more positive social skills.

A variety of fundraisers like Christmas holly sales; raffles; rummage sales; and most recently, a spring luncheon – raise money used for monthly “Circles,” for “We Care” bags filled with personal care items and given to each new resident on admittance, for birthday and Christmas gifts, and for any special projects to improve the residence.

Florence Crittenton Auxiliary members carry on a proud tradition as compassionate mentors for our young mothers and help provide vital funding for special needs. Becoming a volunteer member is easy and the time commitment necessary fits almost any type of schedule.

Florence Crittenton Program
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