Girls Brighter Horizons (RTF)

Brighter HorizonOur aim is to effectively intervene in the lives of seriously troubled adolescent females with mental health challenges to assist them in avoiding future contact with the juvenile justice and child welfare systems and to help them toward successful adulthood.  The purpose of facilitating successful adjustment is accomplished with mental health treatment designed to strengthen the resident’s sense of ethics, degree of responsibility, and level of maturity.  Strengthening healthy relationships, fulfilling legal obligations and employability preparation is also encouraged.

Staff at this facility specialize in treatment for adolescent females with diagnoses of mental illness that have had mental health inpatient admissions and are not currently a danger to themselves or others (ages twelve to eighteen). We accept adolescents adjudicated dependent and voluntary mental health only placements for treatment of recovery from neglect, physical and sexual abuse, self-harm, and trauma. We require intensive family involvement and discharge planning begins before the client is accepted for placement.

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Brighter Horizon’s staff received this letter from a former client last month

Dear Brighter Horizons Staff:

I have been very happy where I am now. These foster parents are the best gift you guys provided for me. I can’t thank you all enough. I am thankful for all the effort and hard work you did for me.

I hope all of you know that I see the world from a different angle then I once did before. I don’t believe I really had a life before I was sent to you. I don’t believe I even knew the absolute meaning of life to be honest.

When I first got there I thought I would be able to fly through there. But I also thought to myself I wanted help. So I was stuck on what I wanted. Then after a few empathy groups I started to let everything ease in.

Then BOOM! I started to take in all of the groups….I also started taking them seriously. I believe groups and therapy really had a big impact on me.

I hope the girls you have, and get in the future, also accept the support and help that give them.

I also want all the Perseus House staff to know I am thankful for all of their hard work they put into their job …