Alternative to Residential Treatment (CICTP)

The Collaborative Intensive Community Treatment Program (CICTP) is a broad-based, collaborative community response to address the escalating costs of adolescent residential placement. Youth at risk of being placed in an alternative living arrangement are referred to the program through the Erie County Juvenile Probation Department or the Erie County Office of Children and Youth. The program is designed to provide a continuum of services to clients seven days per week. CICTP offers an alternative to residential placement; the clients remain in their own home and attend the school in their district, yet still receive necessary treatment. The average daily cost of CICTP is one-third that of most residential placements.

The objectives of the CICTP Program are:

  • To provide and opportunity for youth to remain in the community.
  • To utilize community resources to address and reduce behavioral problems and, therefore, avoid residential placement.
  • To provide an atmosphere through which problem solving and individualized treatment planning can be undertaken by the client, the family, and referring agency to reduce the possibility of further behavioral problems.
  • To increase involvement of the family with the client to address behavioral problems which could lead to residential placement.
  • To increase the potential for successful completion of educational goals.
  • To reduce the potential for future referrals to the court, and therefore, reduce the rate of recidivism.
  • To provide cost efficient intervention other than residential placement, group homes, or institutions.
  • To provide for early reintegration of youth currently in placement, reducing placement by an average of 45 days.

Program Structure

The program is designed to provide a continuum of services to clients and their families seven days per week. A key component is Case Management Services. Each site has assigned Case Managers that are responsible for tracking each client throughout the week to coordinate services. The Case Manager is a full time employee that primarily works during the week to monitor compliance with the individual treatment plan (i.e. house arrest status, curfew, etc.) through home visits and phone contacts. They ensure client participation in programs for the continuum that meets their individual needs. The Case Managers are responsible for providing ongoing coordination of all required services at home, school, and during the weekend components of the program. The Case Managers will also recommend and link clients with additional community resources. These include:

  • Pyramid Health Care
  • Cove Forge Outpatient Services
  • Family Services
  • Achievement Center
  • Stairways Behavioral Health
  • Family Based Mental Health
  • Crime Victim Center

Weekend Hours

  • Friday 3:30pm – 8pm
  • Saturday 9am – 5pm
  • Sunday 9am – 3pm