Alternative Education Program (AEP)

The Erie County Alternative Education Program (AEP) offers non-traditional education which includes a number of approaches to teaching and learning other than mainstream or traditional education. We emphasize the value of small class size, close relationships between students and teachers, and a sense of community. Not only do we provide an academic setting for students, but we also provide skills that will help them be successful in a traditional school setting, as well as adult life. We utilize Life Space Crisis Intervention, Aggression Replacement Training®, the Sanctuary® Model, and a counseling component which focuses on skills that include having a conversation, responding to peer-pressure, keeping out of fights, responding to others anger, as well as many more.

AEP is based on a point and level system which tracks each student’s daily progress. There are five levels to the program, each level taking approximately ten school days to achieve. A student is eligible to receive up to twelve points per class each day. The points for each class include: hallway behavior, participation, classroom behavior, and three individual skills that the teachers and/or parents choose. Examples of these areas include: cooperate with teachers, complete assignments, classroom behavior, stay in seat, etc. The students are also eligible to earn extra points during the day for going above and beyond the daily expectations. The students may then use their extra points to purchase items from the “school store”. The store is open every Friday afternoon and students may purchase school supplies and other various items.

The AEP takes approximately forty-five days to complete. Once a student completes their fort-five day placement successfully, and reaches level five they will be transitioned back into their home school. Close monitoring of the student upon their return will be done to ensure the students continued success.

Our mission is to provide each student with a variety of opportunities to experience success through a humanistic approach that addresses individual needs, with the goal of successfully transitioning a student to his/her home school, or a more appropriate school setting. The Alternative Education Program is to serve as an intervention with a focus on the development of positive social behaviors.