Acute Partial Hospitalization Program

A Partial Hospitalization Program is not an educational placement; it is a type of outpatient mental health program for children who are admitted for medical and psychiatric purposes. Regardless of the reason for the hospitalization, Local Educational Agencies may find themselves faced with an obligation to deliver special education and related services to students during extended stays in partial hospitalization programs. Only the parent, guardian or an identified public agency has the authority to refer a child for admission into a partial hospitalization program and a psychiatrist has the authority to admit a child into a partial hospitalization program following a medical evaluation.

Individuals who are eligible for program services meet the following criteria:

  • Middle and High School students from Erie County.
  • Experiencing severe disruptions in daily functioning that result in behavioral and/or mood disturbances that cannot be addressed with traditional outpatient care and impair the ability to function in a traditional school setting.
  • Need for diversion from inpatient psychiatric hospitalization or
  • Need for intensive transition transitional treatment and aid in adjusting to home and the community following an inpatient hospitalization.
  • Need for short-term treatment in a therapeutic setting.
  • Need for medically necessary intervention in several areas of daily life that may include social, educational, and family.

Admission to the Perseus House Acute Partial Hospitalization Program will occur following a clinical assessment that reveals evidence that the adolescent is experiencing serious symptoms of an acute nature or an exacerbation of a severe, persistent behavioral health disorder. Intake services will be available Monday through Friday if the admissions criteria are met and the student does not require 24 hour supervision, as well as family and community support system to assist in treatment.

Educational Programming
Classroom instruction is provided by a Special Education certified teacher through the Tri-County Intermediate Unit. Coordinated planning with the home school district for purposes of meeting educational objectives both during and post-involvement. We provide educational services in our alternative educational setting. The curriculum is individualized in order to provide appropriate instruction. Schedule follows Erie County Vocational Tech. School is in session from 8:30am to 2:30pm Monday through Friday.

The Perseus House Acute Partial Hospitalization Program is located at 648 Hess Avenue, Erie, PA 16503. Please call Lynnet Scully at 480-5938 for more information.